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Introducing our Rabbit Bear Star Bead Bracelet Chain Large Window Phone Case for iPhone – a charming and delightful accessory that brings together adorable design elements with practical features. Elevate your smartphone experience with this uniquely crafted case featuring cute rabbit and bear characters, star bead bracelet chain, a large window, and a lovely soft cover.

Key Features:

  1. Adorable Rabbit and Bear Characters: Infuse your iPhone with a dose of cuteness with our charming rabbit and bear characters. The delightful design adds a playful and lovable touch to your device.

  2. Star Bead Bracelet Chain: Embrace a touch of elegance with the star bead bracelet chain, providing a stylish and whimsical accessory that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your iPhone.

  3. Large Window Feature: Showcase your device with a large window cutout, allowing the beauty of your iPhone to shine through while maintaining comprehensive protection. The window adds a unique visual element to your case.

  4. Lovely Soft Cover: Enjoy a soft and comfortable touch with our lovely soft cover, providing a pleasant tactile experience while offering reliable protection against daily wear and tear.

  5. Comprehensive Protection: Safeguard your iPhone with a protective cover that not only looks adorable but also shields your device from scratches, bumps, and minor impacts without compromising on style.

  6. Precision Fit: Tailored specifically for your iPhone model, our case ensures a precise fit with easy access to all ports and functions. The snug design enhances overall protection while maintaining the accessibility of your device.

  7. Charming Aesthetic Appeal: The combination of rabbit and bear characters, the star bead bracelet chain, and the large window creates a charming and whimsical aesthetic, making your iPhone a standout accessory.

  8. Easy Installation and Removal: The soft and flexible material ensures easy installation and removal, allowing you to switch up your style effortlessly.

  9. Compatibility: Designed to fit various iPhone models, our case offers versatile protection for a range of devices.

Elevate your iPhone’s charm with our Rabbit Bear Star Bead Bracelet Chain Large Window Phone Case. Whether you’re an animal lover or simply want to showcase your unique style, this case combines lovable design elements with practical features. Order now and add a touch of whimsy to your iPhone experience!

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Anti-Fingerprint,Anti-Scratch,Dustproof,With Lanyard,Non-Slip




Mainland China

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Liquid Silicone Food Standard


Silicon Case For iPhone 11 12

Type 1

Fitted Case

Feature 1

Korean INS Rabbit Bear Star Bead Bracelet Chain Large Window Phone Case


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Suitable Moldel 5

For iPhone 11 Case

Suitable Moldel 7

For iPhone 12 Case

Suitable Moldel 8

For iPhone 12 pro Case

Suitable Moldel 10

For iPhone 12pro Max Case




Male, female, boy, girl, student, businessman, worker

Suitable Moldel 12

For iPhone 13 Case

Suitable Moldel 13

For iPhone 13 pro Case

Suitable Moldel 14

For iPhone 13 pro maxCase

Suitable Moldel 15

For iPhone 14 Case

Suitable Moldel 17

For iPhone 14pro Case

Suitable Moldel 18

For iPhone 14pro max Case

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